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Enjoy High-Speed Internet Everywhere. 

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Fast, Reliable & Secure.

No hidden charges.

No credit check.

No long-term contracts.

No dish on the roof.

No drilling holes on roof.

14 Days return policy.




250 GB

No Contract/Month to Month

No Credit Check

Up to 30 Mbps Download*

Modem lease fee $12.99 applicable

Online/On Call Tech Support

14 Days Return Policy*

Autopay Required

Start Now.

No purchasing equipment

No heavy up front fee

Just pay $150 to start and get 1st month truly unlimited+ No activation fees.

Can I get Internet Service in my area.

Check Service


Experience high-speed internet even in the rural areas only with Speed Net Broadband

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watch all movies.jpg

Good For Streaming

Great For streaming  Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, and much more so you can eliminate the need for a TV Service Provider.

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Reliably fast speeds to support Online Gaming, Work from home, schooling, etc. Possible even in the remote areas. 

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Why Choose Speed Net Broadband?

Online instant Help

Get instant help from support agents online without having to stay on hold for hours.

No holding for hours for a representative.

No talking to robots

Online Orders

Speed Net Broadband gives an option for customers to always go online and buy our services online that way it removes the dependability of the need for human help and also gives enough time to customers to review before they buy.

Same-Day dispatch order.

We make sure to dispatch your order on the same working day to make our services prompt.
it might take 2-3 days to deliver your equipment.

Online Tech Support

Our team always help our customers to resolve their technical issue in order to reduce the downtime of your services.

if required then we also schedule a technician so fix your issue asap. 

Value for money

Dealing with the Fifth generation (5G) network which is faster than anything available in the current market is first of all is really create value for our if you are looking for internet that is value for your money then Speed Net Broadband commit to give your better services. 

Easy Returns

We respect our customers and their hard money.

we provide a 14-day money-back guarantee* for our customers. if they don't like it or if it doesn't fulfill their requirement then they can simply get money back after returning the equipment back to us.

So Do you think is it value for money?

Speed Net Broadband is now a leading 5G high-speed internet provider.

Get the Fastest Speed Available in your area 

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