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7 Common Misconceptions About Fixed Wireless Debunked

Updated: Feb 21

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Hey there! Ever heard about fixed wireless internet and thought, "Hmm, sounds complicated?" Or maybe you've come across a few myths that made you second-guess its reliability? Well, you're not alone!

Welcome to our latest adventure where we dive into the world of fixed wireless internet—a game-changer in how we connect online. Gone are the days when cable and DSL were your only options. Today, we're tackling "7 Common Misconceptions About Fixed Wireless Debunked."

Discover why fixed wireless could be your ideal internet solution, whether you're in a remote area craving faster speeds or simply exploring your options.

Ready to challenge the myths and discover new possibilities?

Table of Contents

  • Myth 1: Fixed Wireless Internet Is Unreliable

  • Myth 2: Fixed Wireless Internet is Too Slow for Modern Needs

  • Myth 3: Perfect Line of Sight is a Must for Fixed Wireless

  • Myth 4: Installation Is Complicated and Invasive

  • Myth 5: Fixed Wireless is More Expensive Than Other Options

  • Myth 6: Fixed wireless internet is significantly impacted by adverse weather conditions

  • Myth 7:Fixed wireless internet plans come with strict data caps.

Myth 1: Fixed Wireless Internet Is Unreliable

Fixed wireless internet is seen as unreliable due to misconceptions about its performance versus wired connections. Some people think wireless connections are more likely to have interruptions and outages compared to wired options.

The reliability of fixed wireless internet largely depends on the technology behind it and how it's implemented. Factors like advanced antenna technology, robust network infrastructure, and frequency band utilization play critical roles in ensuring a stable and reliable connection.

Speed Net's Commitment to Reliability

At Speed Net, we understand the importance of a reliable internet connection, especially in rural areas where options are limited. That's why we've invested in state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to make our fixed wireless service as dependable as it gets.

  • Advanced Network Design: We use carefully selected frequencies that are less prone to interference and congestion, ensuring a smooth and reliable connection for all our users.

  • No Bandwidth Overselling: We always ensure that we don't promise bandwidth than our network can handle. Our team has a strong understanding of the areas we serve, allowing us to accurately provide the bandwidth needed for reliable connectivity. This means you can count on a stable connection without any unnecessary slowdowns

  • High-Quality Equipment: We provide our customers with the latest in fixed wireless equipment, these devices are optimized for the highest performance, ensuring efficient signal reception and transmission for uninterrupted service.

  • Tailored Solutions for Rural Areas: We specifically design our services with rural communities in mind, utilizing technology that overcomes the unique challenges these areas face, such as terrain and distance from urban centers.

  • Network Redundancy: Speed Net ensures robust service reliability through extensive network redundancy. We deploy multiple backup systems and paths, alongside backup power solutions, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity despite unexpected issues or maintenance.

Myth 2: Fixed Wireless Internet is Too Slow for Modern Needs

Another myth surrounding fixed wireless internet is that it offers slower speeds compared to traditional wired connections.

But here’s the deal: fixed wireless, especially the new 5G stuff, is super fast. It’s like comparing a race car to a bicycle. Today’s fixed wireless can zip along at speeds that make streaming your favorite show, video chatting with family, or joining a big online game totally smooth. And yes, it can even handle all those video meetings for work without a glitch.

Speed Net’s Super Speedy Service

Here at Speed Net, we’re all about breaking that speed limit myth.  By leveraging the latest in 5G technology, Speed Net delivers exceptional speeds and lower latency. This means faster downloads, smoother streaming, and more reliable connections for video calls and online gaming.

Our in-house manufactured devices are continuously updated through R&D to ensure the latest technology for strong signal reception and transmission, so you can enjoy smooth internet without any hiccups.

 Should you ever experience a dip in speed or any connection issues, our dedicated customer support team is on hand to troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly, minimizing any disruption to your service.

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Myth 3: Perfect Line of Sight is a Must for Fixed Wireless

Many believe that for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to work effectively, there must be a perfect, unobstructed line of sight (LOS) between the transmission site and the customer's equipment. While it's true that a clear LOS can enhance performance due to FWA's use of higher frequency bands, which are more line-of-sight dependent, the reality is more nuanced.

The Nuanced Truth:

Fixed Wireless technology has evolved significantly. Modern advancements such as beamforming and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technologies have greatly improved FWA's ability to maintain reliable connections, even in conditions where the line of sight might not be perfectly clear.

Lower frequency bands, for example, have a better capability to penetrate or navigate around obstacles like trees, buildings, and terrain. This means that while a clear line of sight is ideal, it's not always a strict requirement for receiving a strong and stable fixed wireless signal.

At Speed Net, we leverage the latest in FWA technology, including beamforming and MIMO, to enhance signal strength and quality, even in challenging environments.

Even if there are big trees, buildings, or other obstructions, you can trust that our service will still work reliably.

Myth 4: Installation Is Complicated and Invasive

Many people mistakenly believe that installing fixed wireless internet requires complicated dishes, digging holes, complex wiring, and the assistance of professional technicians. This misconception can discourage individuals from exploring fixed wireless as a viable internet solution.

The Reality of Fixed Wireless Installation

Fixed wireless internet installation is straightforward and user-friendly. The process typically involves setting up a small device outside your home or business, which communicates wirelessly with a nearby base station. This connection provides high-speed internet without the need for underground cables or extensive indoor wiring. The simplicity of this setup makes fixed wireless an attractive option for those looking for minimal disruption and quick installation times.

Speed Net’s DIY Installation Kits: Simplifying Connectivity

  • User-Friendly Kits: Each kit includes everything needed for installation: a receiver (device), necessary cables, connectors, and an instructional video.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Speed Net ensures that you have control over your internet setup, offering support for any questions.

  • No Invasiveness: Installation requires no drilling or property alterations. It's designed to be straightforward, keeping your home intact and your setup flexible.

  • Hassle-Free Setup: To provide a seamless setup experience, our devices are pre-configured and thoroughly tested. This ensures that your connection is reliable from the moment of installation, requiring minimal effort on your part to get connected.

Myth 5: Fixed Wireless is More Expensive Than Other Options

A common misconception is that fixed wireless internet is more costly than traditional wired connections. This belief stems from misunderstandings about the technology and the services provided.

Cost Comparison: Fixed Wireless vs. Wired Connections

  • Initial Setup: Fixed wireless often has lower setup costs since it doesn't require extensive underground cabling or infrastructure modifications. Wired connections may involve costly installations, especially in areas without existing infrastructure.

  • Maintenance: The maintenance costs for fixed wireless networks are typically lower, as there's less physical infrastructure (like cables) that environmental factors can damage.

  • Service Plans: Fixed wireless providers can offer competitive, if not lower, pricing for similar bandwidth and service levels, thanks to the reduced overhead and infrastructure costs.

Speed Net’s Pricing Model: Transparent and Cost-Effective

  • Flexible Plans: Speed Net offers a range of plans tailored to different needs and budgets, ensuring you pay for what you need.

  • Flexible Payments & Billing: Transparency is at the heart of our pricing model. We disclose all potential costs upfront, meaning no surprises on your bill. Autopay is completely optional with us, granting full control over payment methods to customers. It's your choice to set it up or not.

  • No Heavy Termination Fees: Unlike many other internet providers, we believe in giving our customers the freedom to choose without being tied down by lengthy contracts. Our services are contract-free, allowing customers to cancel or modify their plans at any time without penalties or heavy termination fees.

  • DIY Installation Kits: By providing DIY installation kits, we save you the cost of professional installation services. These kits are designed to be easily set up by anyone, further reducing the initial cost of getting connected.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our use of the latest technology and in-house service delivery optimizes our network efficiency, allowing us to pass savings on to our customers. We focus on maintaining high network reliability without overpromising bandwidth, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Myth 6: Fixed wireless internet is significantly impacted by adverse weather conditions

It's a widespread belief that fixed wireless internet suffers from weather-related interference, with rain, snow, or wind potentially disrupting the service. While it's true that extreme weather can impact any communication technology, including fixed wireless, advancements in technology have greatly mitigated these effects.

Our outdoor device is designed to withstand harsh weather, equipped with features to minimize the impact of rain, snow, and ice. By using weather-resistant materials and technology, such as heating elements to prevent ice build-up, we maintain a strong and stable connection year-round.

Myth 7: Fixed wireless internet plans come with strict data caps.

A common misconception surrounding fixed wireless internet is that all plans come with strict data caps, limiting the amount of data you can use each month. This myth stems from early fixed wireless services and comparisons with mobile data plans, where data caps were more prevalent to manage bandwidth and network congestion.

Debunking the Myth at Speed Net: Unlimited Data for All Your Needs

Speed Net proudly offers plans without data caps, providing unlimited data usage across all our services. We understand the importance of uninterrupted, reliable internet access for everything from streaming and gaming to remote work and online education. Our commitment to no data caps ensures you can enjoy these activities without worrying about hitting a limit or incurring extra fees.

Ready to leave slow and unreliable internet behind? Choose Speed Net's fixed wireless service and experience the difference today!


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