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AI Superintelligence to Surpass Human Intelligence by 10,000 Times in a Decade, Says SoftBank CEO

SoftBank CEO Predicts AI 10,000 Times Smarter Than Humans in 10 Years

Superintelligence to Surpass Human Intelligence

On Friday, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son made a rare public appearance, predicting that artificial intelligence (AI) will be 10,000 times smarter than humans within the next decade. He also shared personal reflections on his life’s purpose.

Son outlined his vision for artificial superintelligence (ASI), a term he introduced. He explained the concept of artificial general intelligence (AGI), which refers to AI that surpasses human intelligence. Son believes AGI, expected to be one to ten times smarter than humans, will arrive in the next three to five years, sooner than anticipated.

However, Son emphasized that AGI’s limited superiority over human intelligence wouldn’t necessitate major lifestyle changes. In contrast, ASI would bring about significant improvements and transformations. He described a future where various ASI models interact like neurons in the human brain, resulting in AI that is 10,000 times smarter than any human genius.

Following his remarks at SoftBank’s annual general meeting of shareholders, the company's shares dropped by more than 3% in Japan.

Masayoshi Son, who founded SoftBank, gained prominence after a successful early investment in Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant. In 2017, he launched the Vision Fund, a substantial investment fund focusing on tech firms. While some investments were successful, others, like WeWork, faced high-profile failures.

After significant financial losses at Vision Fund in 2022, Son announced that SoftBank would adopt a conservative investment approach. However, after another record loss in 2023, Son shifted focus to AI, expressing excitement about new investment opportunities in the sector. He had largely stayed out of the public eye until his recent speech.

During his address, Son shared personal reflections, expressing feelings of unfulfillment despite his achievements. He stated that SoftBank’s mission is the “evolution of humanity” and revealed that he had discovered his life purpose.

“SoftBank was founded for what purpose? For what purpose was Masa Son born? It may sound strange, but I think I was born to realize ASI. I am super serious about it,” Son declared.

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Key Points

  • AI Prediction: SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son predicts AI will be 10,000 times smarter than humans in 10 years.

  • ASI Vision: Son introduced the idea of artificial superintelligence (ASI) as a key future technology.

  • Mission and Purpose: Son stated that SoftBank's mission is the "evolution of humanity" and shared that his purpose is to help achieve ASI.


Q1. What did SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son predict about AI?

He predicted that AI will be 10,000 times smarter than humans in 10 years.

Q2. What is artificial superintelligence (ASI)?

ASI is a type of AI that is significantly smarter than any human genius, as introduced by Masayoshi Son.

Q3. What is the difference between AGI and ASI?

AGI is AI that is smarter than humans but not by much, while ASI is AI that is vastly smarter, 10,000 times more intelligent than humans.

Q4. How did SoftBank’s stock react to Son’s announcement?

SoftBank shares fell by more than 3% after his announcement.

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