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Apple's Smartphone Sales Dip in China Amidst Huawei's Rise

Updated: Apr 30


In early 2024, Apple's sales of smartphones in China dropped by 19%, which is the lowest it has been since 2020. This caused Apple's share of the market to decrease from 19.7% to 15.7%. Because of this, Apple fell to third place behind Vivo, and its market share is now just slightly ahead of Huawei, which saw a big increase in sales.

Huawei has been gaining ground on Apple, especially in the more expensive phone market. They released some new high-end phones, like the Mate 60 and Pura 70 series. These new products are doing well and are part of Huawei's effort to bounce back after being affected by U.S. trade restrictions. These new Huawei phones have a chip made in China that's quite advanced.

Apple isn’t giving up, though. They're trying new things to win back customers in China, including offering new colors for iPhones and using strong sales strategies to attract buyers. Apple hopes these efforts will help improve its sales numbers in the future.

On a global scale, Apple is also having a tough time. Their worldwide shipments of smartphones fell nearly 10%, and they lost their top position to Samsung. Apple's financial performance has also suffered, with its stock value dropping about 14% this year.

Despite these challenges for individual companies like Apple, the overall smartphone market in China is growing. It increased by 1.5%, marking the second quarter in a row where more smartphones were sold than in the previous quarter.


Q1. What happened to Apple's smartphone shipments in China in 2024?

In the first quarter of 2024, Apple's smartphone shipments in China fell by 19%, marking the company's worst performance in the region since 2020.

Q2. How did Apple's market share in China change recently?

Apple's market share in China dropped from 19.7% to 15.7%, which moved Apple to third place behind Vivo and almost equal to Huawei.

Q3. How is Apple responding to the competition in China?

Apple is trying to regain its footing by introducing new color options for iPhones and implementing aggressive sales strategies.

Q4. Who is the CEO of Huawei?

The CEO of Huawei is Ren Zhengfei.

Q5. Who owns Huawei?

Huawei is a private company that is owned by its employees through a shareholding scheme.

Q6. Is Huawei a Japanese or Chinese company?

Huawei is a Chinese company. It is well-known internationally and is a leader in developing the 5G mobile phone standard.



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