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Good News for Gamers: UNICEF Study Says Video Games Can Help Kids Grow!

Updated: May 14

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Video Games Might Be Good for Kids, Says New Study

UNICEF finds that the right kind of video games can make kids smarter and more creative.

A new study from UNICEF shows that video games can be good for children, helping them develop important skills when the games are designed well.

According to research from the Responsible Innovation in Technology for Children (RITEC) project, supported by UNICEF and the LEGO Group, good games help kids feel in charge, achieve goals, and try out different roles. These games boost creativity, help kids manage their feelings, and make friends.

The key is in how these games are made. They need to be safe, creative, and focus on helping kids grow emotionally. This means game developers need to think about what kids need and want from their games.

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Why Video Games Can Be Part of a Healthy Childhood?

 The study highlights games that let kids make choices, solve problems, and connect with others. These games can teach kids how to handle their emotions and work well with friends. But not all games are created equal. The best ones keep kids safe, spark their imagination, and help them understand their feelings.

For parents, this means choosing games wisely. But it also means making sure those games play smoothly at home, which is where a good internet connection comes in.

Tying It to Connectivity: For these games to work best, a strong and steady internet connection is essential. That’s where Speed Net comes in. We provide fast and reliable internet that lets kids play these beneficial games without lag, making sure they get all the good stuff from gaming. Switch to Speed Net for a smoother, better gaming experience for your whole family.


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