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Is there a New iPad Pro coming with M4 out in 2024?

Key Points

  • Apple introduced the latest versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro on Tuesday.

  • These are the first new iPads released since October 2022.

  • CEO Tim Cook highlighted this as a significant milestone for the iPad, calling it “the biggest day for iPad since its introduction,” in a video shared on Apple’s website.

iPad Pro

Apple unveiled new versions of its iPad Air and iPad Pro tablets on Tuesday.

According to CEO Tim Cook, who spoke in a video posted on Apple's website, this launch is "the biggest day for iPad since its introduction."

These new models are the first released since October 2022, marking the longest period without an update since the iPad's launch in 2011.

The iPad Pro, Apple's most sophisticated and costly tablet, will be available in two sizes: an 11-inch model and a 13-inch model, with the company emphasizing that these are the thinnest ever at just 5.1 millimeters.

The 11-inch version starts at $999, while the larger 13-inch model, which starts at $1,299, features 256GB of storage, reflecting a slight price increase from previous models.

ipad pro

Apple has also introduced the Magic Keyboard case, crafted from aluminum, to pair with the iPad Pro. This accessory includes a keyboard and trackpad to transform the iPad Pro into a laptop-like experience, resembling a MacBook.

The Magic Keyboard will cost $249 or $299, depending on the size chosen. Apple has also introduced an upgraded stylus, the Apple Pencil Pro, which will sell for $129.

The new iPad models are powered by Apple's M4 chip, an upgrade from the M3 currently found in their laptops. Apple describes the M4 as a highly capable chip for artificial intelligence, highlighting its ability to help software isolate subjects from video backgrounds.

John Ternus, a hardware executive at Apple, explained, "This stunning design and breakthrough display required we leap the next generation of Apple silicon."

The iPad Pro will feature a new type of display technology called OLED, which is also used in Apple's iPhones.

This new display is brighter and delivers richer colors compared to previous models, utilizing a technology Apple refers to as "tandem OLED" for its Ultra Retina XDR display.

Apple believes the iPad Pro will be beneficial for professional video producers. The new app, Final Cut Camera, will enable users to control multiple iPhone cameras. The iPad Pro itself comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera that records 4K video and features an improved flash for easier document scanning.

These new tablets and accessories are available for preorder now and will be on sale next week.

Apple announced that the iPad Air will be available in two sizes: an 11-inch model, similar to previous versions, and a larger 13-inch model. Both sizes feature Apple's M2 chip. The smaller model costs $599 with 128GB of storage, while the larger one starts at $799.

The front-facing camera has been moved to the longer side of the device for landscape mode, which is better for video calls, following the design of the more expensive iPad Pro models.

The iPad Air, available in a range of colors including blue, purple, and gold, will hit stores next week.

Apple also reduced the price of its basic iPad to $349, a decrease from the earlier $429.


Q1. What are the price options for the new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro?

The Magic Keyboard costs either $249 or $299, depending on the size. The Apple Pencil Pro is priced at $129.

Q2. How does the battery life of the new iPad models with the M4 chip compare to previous models with older chips?

The new iPad models with the M4 chip are expected to offer better battery performance compared to previous models with older chips, like the M3.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: The M4 chip is built using advanced fabrication technology, which makes it more efficient. This means it can perform the same tasks using less power, leading to longer battery life for similar usage patterns.

  2. Optimized Performance: The architecture of the M4 chip allows for better multitasking and higher performance without significant battery drain. It intelligently adjusts its power usage depending on the task at hand. For instance, lighter tasks like web browsing or reading are handled by low-power cores, while demanding tasks like gaming or video editing use high-performance cores. This balancing act ensures longer battery life.

  3. AI Processing Efficiency: The M4 chip has improved AI capabilities, helping to perform certain tasks like video editing and background isolation more efficiently. Tasks that would otherwise consume more power are managed efficiently due to these specialized processing units.

  4. Display Power Management: The M4 chip includes integrated power management functions that better handle the new OLED display's power consumption. The chip adapts to different brightness levels and usage scenarios, helping to prolong battery life.

  5. Battery-Specific Software Optimizations: The M4 chip is designed to work closely with the latest version of iPadOS. Together, they implement new power management features that intelligently reduce background activity and optimize charging. This contributes to a longer, more consistent battery life.

Q3. How does the iPad pro M4 chip improve the gaming experience on the new iPads?

The M4 chip enhances gaming performance by offering faster graphics processing and smoother gameplay. It provides advanced rendering capabilities, enabling high-quality graphics and seamless frame rates even in visually demanding games.

Q4. Does the M4 chip support gaming at higher resolutions and refresh rates?

The M4 chip enables gaming at higher resolutions with improved refresh rates, making it ideal for games requiring high frame rates and detailed graphics. This allows players to enjoy crisp visuals and responsive controls.


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