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No Up-selling, No False Commitments: What SpeedNet Broadband Does Different

Updated: Jun 26

Speed Net Broadband

Table of Contents:

  • The Struggle of Finding an ISP is Real

  • No More Long Contracts: Setting You Free

  • Honest Internet Speeds: What You Pay For, You Get

  • Friendly Support: Real People Helping You Out

  • Weather-Proof Connectivity: Staying Online in Any Weather

  • Easy Installation: Making Getting Online Simple

  • Fast Equipment Delivery: Your Internet Gear, ASAP

  • No Data Caps, No Overage Charges

  • Stable Pricing for Long-Term Value

  • True Unlimited Data

  • Minimal Latency, Maximum Performance

  • Simplified Billing, No Surprise Charges

  • Wrapping It Up

  • FAQs

The Struggle of Finding an ISP is Real

In a world where internet connectivity has become an essential part of our daily lives, the struggle to find a reliable and customer-friendly internet service provider (ISP) is real. There are many internet providers in the market, and I am sure, a quick internet search will tell you what options you have.

In that case, you may wonder, what is Speed Net Broadband doing different and why should you consider getting internet services from us?

Sure, the market is crowded with big giants flaunting flashy advertisements. However, to these ISPs, customers are merely statistics, not individuals with unique needs and concerns.

With each passing day, many customers get annoyed with their services and cancel contracts. But many other customers get onboard, falling prey to their attractive ads like "bundle cost saving deals" and get tied to the never ending struggle of "Please wait while we connect your call"

Many customers face numerous pain points with their current providers, but Speed Net Broadband is here to change the game. We designed our services by surveying these pain points and creating a solution to the existing problems.

Let's dive into the realistic observations that make Speed Net Broadband a superior choice in the competitive market.

No More Long Contracts: Setting You Free

Many internet companies require customers to sign contracts, trapping them even if they're dissatisfied with the service. Cancelling the contract often incurs steep charges, leaving customers stuck with a service they're not happy with, making it difficult to switch plans or providers.

Speed Net Broadband breaks free from this norm by offering month-to-month plans. You have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or change your plan without being tied down by hefty cancellation charges. We believe in earning your loyalty through exceptional service, not binding contracts.

Honest Internet Speeds: What You Pay For, You Get

One of the major grievances customers have is the disparity between advertised and actual internet speeds. At Speed Net Broadband, we keep our promises. No upselling, no false commitments.

You want better speeds and more data? Sure, unlimited data plans would be appropriate for you. What you pay for is what you get – reliable, high-speed internet without any excuses based on your location or house structure.

Friendly Support: Real People Helping You Out

When customers encounter problems with their internet service or device, reaching out to customer support becomes a frustrating experience. Whether it's enduring lengthy wait times or finally connecting only to find the support team lacking the necessary technical knowledge, the assistance often falls short of resolving the issues.

Tired of automated responses and unhelpful customer support? Say goodbye to that frustration. Our dedicated team is well-equipped with technical knowledge to swiftly resolve any issues you might encounter with your internet service or device. At Speed Net Broadband, calls are answered by a human, not a machine.

Weather-Proof Connectivity: Staying Online in Any Weather

Internet outages during bad weather can be infuriating. Weather conditions in the US, like rain, snowstorms, hurricanes, and more, impact internet connectivity. Unfortunately, the devices supplied by ISPs lack weather resilience. Therefore, with other ISPs, such outages are common, and information is often scarce.

Speed Net Broadband guarantees a more reliable service, even in adverse weather conditions. Our weather-resistant devices ensure uninterrupted connectivity, keeping you connected when you need it the most. You can check the complete information about our devices, its features and make here: Check equipment details.

Easy Installation: Making Getting Online Simple

The installation process is often expensive and comes with its share of complications, sometimes leading to property damage. Take, for instance, the challenging and costly installation procedures associated with services like Starlink, involving the use of brackets and incurring substantial installation fees.

In contrast, with Speed Net Broadband, installation is a breeze. Your equipment comes pre-configured, essentially a plug-and-play device. If you wish to tailor the settings, a simple call to our support team will guide you through the process.

For outdoor installations, our tech expert can promptly visit you on the same day, completing the setup in approximately 10 minutes without causing any property damage. Installing internet shouldn't be a headache. While other providers may require extensive and expensive installation processes, Speed Net Broadband simplifies it.

Fast Equipment Delivery: Your Internet Gear, ASAP

Extended wait times for equipment delivery are common. It often takes weeks to receive the necessary gear. First you order equipment, pay for it, then wait weeks until you receive it, only to pay even more $$$ for the technician to come visit you and spend hours on call trying to arrange a visit!

Waiting weeks for your internet equipment is a thing of the past. With Speed Net Broadband, your equipment is dispatched on the same day you place your order and reaches you within 2-3 business days. No unnecessary delays – just fast and efficient service.

Speed Net Broadband

No Data Caps, No Overage Charges:

Data caps and overage charges are a headache for many customers. At Speed Net Broadband, we believe in unlimited possibilities. Our no data caps policy means you won't face extra charges for using more data, giving you the freedom to explore the internet without worry.

Stable Pricing for Long-Term Value:

Numerous ISPs raise the prices of their plans after just one month or year, making their services more expensive over an extended period. Unlike other ISPs that increase plan prices over time, Speed Net Broadband offers stable pricing.

While our services might not be the cheapest in the market upfront, the quality and service standard guarantee make it your best bet for a reliable and cost-effective long-term internet solution. Check our plans here.

True Unlimited Data:

Some ISPs claim to offer unlimited plans but sneak in restrictions like throttling and overselling bandwidth. Speed Net Broadband is committed to providing truly unlimited data with no hidden restrictions or compromises.

Minimal Latency, Maximum Performance:

Latency issues, especially with satellite internet providers, can be frustrating. Speed Net Broadband minimizes latency to provide a smoother online experience, ensuring that your internet responds as quickly as you do.

Simplified Billing, No Surprise Charges:

Auto payment issues leading to unexpected charges are a common concern. Speed Net Broadband ensures transparent billing, eliminating surprises and providing a hassle-free payment experience.

Wrapping It Up!

Are you tired of unreliable internet, hidden fees, and frustrating customer service? At Speed Net Broadband, we're different. We offer the freedom to cancel or change your plan anytime, without the burden of long contracts. We guarantee honest internet speeds, so you get what you pay for, no exceptions.

Our dedicated support team is made up of real people, not robots, ready to help you with any issue. We prioritize reliability, even in bad weather, thanks to our weatherproof connections.

Getting online is simple with our easy installation, fast equipment delivery, and no data caps to worry about. Plus, we offer stable pricing and truly unlimited data, making Speed Net Broadband the best value for a reliable and cost-effective internet solution in the long run.

Don't settle for just any internet provider. Choose Speed Net Broadband and experience the difference. Visit our website today to learn more and switch to a better internet experience!


Can I get the internet in a rural areas?

You can indeed get internet in rural areas, no matter how remote or distant from the city you are. Our services specifically cater to rural areas. Check your address on our website, and within seconds, you'll know if the service is available for your location or not.

Is your internet portable? Can I carry this device with my trailer?

Absolutely! You can take this device with you on your trailer even during vacations. As long as you are within range of our local tower at your travel destination, you'll be able to enjoy our services seamlessly.

For more frequently asked questions about our services and plans, visit:


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