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SpaceX Builds Fast in Texas, Pays Slow

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SpaceX is expanding its operations in rural Texas by building launch facilities, office buildings, and even a shopping center. However, many contractors and suppliers are frustrated because SpaceX and its subcontractors are slow to pay their bills. Since 2019, over 70 liens have been filed against SpaceX properties, seeking more than $2.5 million in unpaid bills.

Contractors like Brian Rozelle of Hydroz Energy Services have faced significant financial strain due to delayed payments. Rozelle's company was hired to clear storm drains near Brownsville but wasn't paid until two weeks after filing a lien for $19,214.

SpaceX's slow payments have led to reluctance among businesses to work with them again. Small companies, in particular, struggle to collect payments without extensive resources or legal knowledge. Even some large companies face payment issues. For example, Martin Marietta Materials claimed $557,611 from SpaceX and was paid two months after filing a lien.

Former Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos criticized SpaceX's practices, stating that the company often gets away with delayed payments because many businesses want to work with them.

SpaceX has brought economic benefits to rural Texas, creating thousands of jobs and boosting some builders. However, many contractors remain unpaid, and some liens may only be resolved when properties are sold.

For small businesses like GC Steel & Accessories, the lack of payment has caused significant financial stress.

In summary, while SpaceX's expansion brings growth and job opportunities to Texas, it also brings financial challenges for many contractors and suppliers due to slow payments and unresolved liens.

Key Points

  1. Slow Payments to Contractors: SpaceX is expanding rapidly in Texas but has been slow to pay contractors and suppliers, leading to over 70 liens filed for more than $2.5 million in unpaid bills since 2019.

  2. Economic Impact and Challenges: While SpaceX's growth has brought thousands of jobs and economic benefits to rural Texas, the delayed payments have caused significant financial strain and frustration for many small businesses involved in their projects.


Q1. Why are contractors and suppliers filing liens against SpaceX properties?

Contractors and suppliers are filing liens because they are not being paid on time for their work. Since 2019, over 70 liens have been filed, seeking more than $2.5 million in unpaid bills.

Q2. Has SpaceX responded to these payment issues?

SpaceX has not publicly responded to requests for comment regarding the liens and payment complaints from subcontractors and suppliers.

Q3.  Are all contractors facing payment issues with SpaceX?

While many contractors have reported payment delays, some have been paid after filing liens. However, the issue remains widespread, affecting both small and large companies.


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