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Why are AT&T Customers in South Dallas losing Service?

Some people in South Dallas say their AT&T service has been cutting out often since the start of the year.

AT&T Customers Losing Service

Some AT&T customers in South Dallas are losing their phone and internet service for days because thieves are stealing copper wires.

One of the affected areas is Green Hill Road in South Oak Cliff. Frustrated neighbors say these outages are a constant problem.

Reginald Terry, a resident, said he can watch TV now, but for the past few months, that wasn’t always possible.

“It would just go out,” Terry said. “We didn’t understand why.”

Terry told us that his AT&T internet has been going offline for days since the spring, and his neighbors have the same issue. Customer service reps blamed storms, even during calm weather.

Terry discovered the real problem when he talked to an AT&T technician working on the street.

“He said, ‘I’m going to tell you the truth, they’re stealing the copper off the wires,’” Terry said. “He said we can’t catch who’s doing it.”

An AT&T spokesperson told us, “We’re working as quickly as possible to restore phone and internet service to affected customers in South Dallas after a recent copper cable theft. Theft and vandalism disrupt essential services, and we’re working with local law enforcement to find those responsible.”

“It’s very upsetting,” Terry said.

Terry is worried that thieves are knocking out essential services in his neighborhood. His son has had to stop working from home since the outages began.

“Our alarm system, Wi-Fi, everything in the house depends on it,” said Terry. “When it goes down, you can’t watch TV, the alarm system doesn’t work, you can’t use the computer.”

For now, Terry and his neighbors are trying to adapt to the outages, sometimes listening to Texas Rangers games on the radio while waiting for the internet to return. They want the company and police to do more to find those responsible.

“We’re paying for a service we’re not receiving,” said Terry. “I know they can’t control thieves, but they’re the provider, and we want them to come up with a solution.”

We reached out to Dallas police, who said they are aware of copper theft cases and investigate them thoroughly. They encourage residents and businesses to report all suspicious activity and crimes to law enforcement.

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Key Points

  • Service Outages Due to Theft: AT&T customers in South Dallas have lost phone and internet service for days because thieves are stealing copper wires.

  • Customer Frustration: Neighbors, like Reginald Terry, are frustrated with frequent outages and say the company blamed storms even during calm weather.

  • Call for Action: Residents want AT&T and the police to do more to stop the thefts and find a solution, as these outages disrupt essential services.


Q1: Why are AT&T customers in South Dallas losing phone and internet service?

AT&T customers in South Dallas are experiencing phone and internet service outages because thieves are stealing copper wires from the network infrastructure. This theft disrupts the communication lines, leading to significant service interruptions for many residents in the affected areas.

Q2. How long do the service outages last?

The service outages can last for several days at a time. Customers have reported losing access to their phone and internet services for extended periods, causing major disruptions in their daily lives and making it difficult to rely on AT&T's services consistently.

Q3. What areas are affected by the service outages?

One of the affected neighborhoods is Green Hill Road in South Oak Cliff, South Dallas. Residents in this area have reported frequent service blackouts, making it a significant issue for the local community. Other areas in South Dallas are likely affected as well.

Q4. What did AT&T customer service say about the outages?

AT&T customer service initially attributed the outages to storms, even during periods of calm weather. This explanation frustrated many customers who were experiencing frequent and unexplained service disruptions, leading to further confusion and dissatisfaction with the company's response.


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