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Why Has Nvidia Introduced New AI Chips Just Months After Their Previous Launch?

Nvidia Introduced New AI Chips

On Sunday, Nvidia revealed their latest artificial intelligence (AI) chip called "Rubin," which will replace their earlier model announced in March. This new announcement was made by Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang, just before the COMPUTEX tech event in Taipei.

The Rubin model is set to follow the "Blackwell" model, which was introduced in March and is still being made, with delivery expected in 2024.

Huang's announcement shows that Nvidia is speeding up its process of developing new AI chips. Previously, the company updated its chips every two years but now plans to do so yearly.

This quick change from Blackwell to Rubin in less than three months highlights the intense competition in the AI chip market. Nvidia is trying to maintain its leading position while competitors like AMD and Intel are trying to catch up. Other big companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are also challenging Nvidia, even though they are some of Nvidia's biggest customers. Many new startups are also entering this market.

Huang mentioned, "Today, we’re at the cusp of a major shift in computing. With our AI and accelerated computing innovations, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving the next wave of technological advancement."

The new Rubin chip will include updated GPUs for running and developing AI systems and a new central processor named "Vera." However, more details about these features were not provided in the announcement.

On Friday, before the announcement, Nvidia's stock price did not change much, closing at $1,096.

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Key Points

  1. Nvidia introduced a new generation of AI chips, shortly after releasing the previous model.

  2. This fast update shows how fiercely companies compete in the AI chip market and Nvidia's efforts to stay ahead.

  3. CEO Jensen Huang has promised to launch new AI chips every year, quicker than their previous schedule every two years.


Q1. What is the name of Nvidia’s new AI chip?

Nvidia has named their latest AI chip "Rubin." It's the newest model introduced to improve upon their previous technologies.

Q2. When is the Rubin chip expected to be available?

The availability date for the Rubin chip wasn't provided in the latest announcement. It follows the Blackwell model, which is still in production and set to ship in 2024.

Q3. Why is Nvidia accelerating its AI chip development?

Nvidia is speeding up the development of new AI chips to stay ahead in a competitive market. By releasing new technology more quickly, they aim to maintain their leading position against other tech companies.

Q4. What technologies are included in the new Rubin chip?

The Rubin chip includes advanced graphics processing units (GPUs) and a new central processor named "Vera." These components are crucial for enhancing AI system performance but detailed specifics were not released.



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