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15-day money-back guarantee for all pricing plans

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We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable internet services to our customers. We understand the importance of finding the right internet service provider, especially in underserved rural areas.

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250 GB

No Contract/Month to Month
No Credit Check
Up to 200 Mbps Download*
Modem lease fee $9.99 applicable
Online/On Call Tech Support
15-Days Return Policy
Autopay Required*
  • Internet
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • netflix
  • Hulu
  • amazon prime
  • Mail
  • GS
  • GD
  • GSi

(One Time Setup Cost $375)

(First Month Unlimited Data + Modem Lease + Shipping/Handling + Activation + Gov. Tax.)

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*(Initial setup cost: $350 + Shipping $25)

Select Plan:
Select to get special discount of 10% on monthly bill (Unlimited Plan). if you are-
Select an equipment type required:

Thank you for choosing Speed Net as your internet provider, our representative will contact you with updates on your order status.

With our innovative technology and exceptional customer service, SpeedNet has transformed the internet experience for customers. Read our testimonials to see why we are a trusted choice for reliable, fast internet.

  • How do we provide internet service?
    Our service is delivered to you through a local tower in your area.
  • Can I get the internet in a rural areas?
    Yes, you can certainly get internet in rural areas regardless of how isolated you are or how far you are from the city. We only provide service in rural areas. The only time we will provide service with in city limits is if that area doesn"t already have access to fiber internet . If you check your address on our website you will know in seconds if the address is serviceable or not.
  • Will I receive a landline/telephone/handset/receiver with the broadband router?
    No, we don't send any of the above. We do provide you with the modem/router to use internet services. Our routers are WIFi 6 capable that can cover a area of up to 2500 sqft. With a device that kind you should not need to buy any additional hardware.
  • Is speednet broadband Wireless?
    Yes, it is a wireless service for indoor type. But, if you are in a very rural or remote area or have a metal roof or metal house structure, you might have to get an outdoor setup done. Which will need a cable from the antenna to the router inside your house.
  • How do you know if service is available at my address?
    We don't advertise in areas we have no coverage on that would be a waste of our marketing money and that would hurt our company. Everything is well-researched and surveyed before we advertise on any platform.
  • Are these really Month-to-Month plans?
    Yes, we also offer our service on a month-to-month program where you don’t have a minimum term commitment. If you ever decide to cancel your services we only require you to provide us a 30-day notice and send us our device back to our corporate office.
  • Can I carry this device with my trailer when I am going for the vacation?
    Yes, it can be carried with you. As long as you are in range of our local tower at you travelling location, you will be able to enjoy our services.
  • What is the difference between our 4G and 5G services?
    4G and 5G network architectures have some significant differences. 5G aims to not only surpass 4G network capabilities, but meet and exceed 4G's goals for general speeds, latency and density.
  • I am happy with 4G services, why should I switch to 5G services?
    4G and 5G network architectures have some significant differences. Each generation improves upon the best qualities of its predecessors and thrives in ways previous generations couldn't. In simple words, 5G aims to not only surpass 4G network capabilities, but meet and exceed 4G's goals for general speeds, latency and density. Which means it’ll provide better speeds (Approx. 5-10 times more than 4G), Lower latency/pings (That definitely helps with gaming, streaming, video meeting etc. with low to no lag time) and Network density (Network could hold more traffic lowering down network congestion issues).
  • Q: How can I get the $50 discount?
    To receive your $50 discount, please speak with one of our customer representatives. This discount is available when you choose our unlimited plan, which comes with no contractual obligations. Our team is ready to assist you in redeeming this offer and answering any further questions you might have.


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