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Scope of Work

Our comprehensive services encompass everything you need to optimize your home or office environment for seamless connectivity, security, and convenience. From enhancing your WiFi network to ensuring every corner is well-lit and monitored, we provide expert solutions tailored to your needs.

WiFi Repeaters & Extenders Installation.png

WiFi Repeaters & Extenders Installation

Enhance your WiFi coverage by installing repeaters or extenders in strategic locations within your home or office.

$75 per unit (installation included)

Mesh WiFi Systems Setup.png

Mesh WiFi Systems Setup

Install and configure mesh WiFi systems to ensure seamless internet coverage across large areas.

$200 for a basic three-node system (installation included), additional nodes $50 each

Cable Runs and Pre-Wiring.png

Cable Runs and Pre-Wiring

Run cables and pre-wire homes for internet, TV, and other connectivity needs during construction or renovation.

$100 per room (standard cable runs), $50 per additional cable run

TV Mounting.png

TV Mounting

Professionally mount your TV on the wall, including securing the mount, hiding cables, and optimizing viewing angles.

$100 per TV (standard mount), $50 for cable management and concealment

Electrical Fixtures Installation.png

Electrical Fixtures Installation

Install various electrical fixtures including ceiling fans, lights, and outlets.

 - Ceiling Fans: $150 per unit (installation included)
- Light Fixtures: $75 per unit (installation included)
- Outlets: $50 per unit (installation included)

Exterior Camera Installation.png

Exterior Camera Installation

Install and configure exterior security cameras to enhance the security of your property.

$100 per camera (installation included), $50 for each additional camera

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