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Set-Up Instructions

Please follow the simple instructions below to start using the device. Please read the instructions


Step 1:  Call or Text us on our Tech support / Activation line 512-410-0373 to activate the device. Once you receive the confirmation follow step 2 

Step 2: Remove the modem from the box and connect the antennas to the modem.

Step 3: Connect the modem to the power source.

Step 4: The network name (SSID) and password are located on the bottom of the


Step 5: Connect your device to Wi-Fi and look for the network name WIRELESS INTERNET password is A1b2c3d4.

Please let the router sit for 15-20 Min so that it can link in with the bands in the



If you need further help setting up your modem, please contact us via chat on or you can call us Monday - Saturday  9 AM to 6 PM Central Time at 1-800-908-8323.



  • Please do not hard reset your modem. A hard reset of your modem may be subject to an additional Setup Fee.


  • Please do not take the sim card out of the router and install it into any other device, this may deactivate the sim card and you may incur an additional fee to set it back up.


  • Please keep the retail packaging for your modem.


  • Please note that your modem box contains additional Sim for backup purposes (Do not use it and keep it safe).


  • The customer understands additional equipment and installation may be required if unable to get a good signal with just indoor equipment and a technician must come and install the antenna or an outdoor unit to boost the signal. In the case of a service call, a tech visit may be required and additional fees may be required for a technician visit.

Terms and conditions

All sales are final! A 1–7-day money-back guarantee may be applied as a partial refund.

Refund will be processed after the Modem / Equipment is received by SpeedNet Broadband, 85% will be refunded and 15% restocking fees of the start-up cost will be charged.


Wi-Fi range is not guaranteed in case of a house bigger than 2000 sq ft so it will not be considered valid grounds for cancellation and NO refund shall be processed for such reasons.


SpeedNet Broadband has all the authority to terminate the services under unwanted circumstances.


Modem/Equipment provided for services is an asset of SpeedNet broadband. This has to be returned at the time of cancellation or termination of services at the customer's own expense to SpeedNet to avail of any refund, if applicable.


30-Day cancellation notice

Customers will have to notify SpeedNet Broadband 30 days in advance for the cancellation of the services. Customers are liable to pay any further invoices that come within the 30-day notice period and the customer's account will be deactivated only after 30 days from the date of the notice.


In case of returning the modem via mail services like FedEx, UPS or USPS the customer has to update the tracking at


The modem has to be returned within 5 business days from the last day of service to:

Speednet Broadband

1 Chisholm Trail Rd, 450,

Round Rock, TX 78681 USA


Since the modem is being leased and not owned by the customer, it is their responsibility to keep it safe. Any Physical Damage or Liquid damage (Damages like stains, scratches, shocks, dents, cracks, etc.) will not be acceptable for a refund to be processed, and failing to do so the customer will be charged an additional $400 to cover up the modem’s original price. The modem has to be fully functional and undamaged when received by SpeedNet Broadband.


The shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

Late Fee -$25 (3 days overdue from billing date)

Reactivation fee - $45 (After services are suspended for non-payment)

Truck roll/Technician visit charge - $65 (zero for customers with protection plan)



·         No refund on the labor cost of an outdoor antenna installation or technician visit charge. 


·         Data restrictions apply depending on your location, services may slow down at times.


·         We must receive our modem/equipment within 5 days from the last date of service. (To get any refund)


·         Customer is liable to pay $400, If modem/equipment is not recovered by Speed Net Broadband.


·         Any overnight or courier or mailing charges will not be refunded.


·         The customer agrees to pay the monthly modem lease fees, as the modem is on a lease with the customer.




I have read and understood the instructions and I agree with the terms and conditions for the service. I have approved the charges for start-up and my card details are listed below. I take full responsibility for the purchase. I am aware of the return, cancellation, and refund policies.

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