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Does Weather Affect Fixed Wireless Internet?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

does rain affect fixed wireless internet

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Fixed Wireless vs. Satellite Internet

  3. Confronting Lightning and Service Interruptions

  4. Does Rain Impact Fixed Wireless Internet?

  5. Embracing Reliability with Fixed Wireless Internet:

  6. About Speed Net Broadband

  7. FAQs

Imagine a rain-soaked afternoon, strong winds, and lightning flashing across the sky. In such a weather, we're sure that your first thought are not "Oh, how amazing is the weather!" rather they are "Ugh, my internet is going to go down again!"

Internet plays a huge role in almost all our activities. Whether we are working from home, texting, on calls, in meetings, watching something online or browsing the web. There is so much depending on the internet and downtime really causes a lot of frustration. Many people think that internet downtime during a bad weather is normal. Well, we are here to tell you that its not! It specially isn't the case if you have fixed wireless internet service.

Can fixed wireless internet stand strong against the nature? Let's explore how and how well it is done.

Fixed Wireless vs. Satellite Internet:

The Distance:

Before we dive into the storm, let's understand the setup. Satellite internet is like a long-distance conversation with a satellite around 20,000 miles in the sky.

On the contrary, fixed wireless internet connects you to a nearby tower within a mere 10-mile radius. It's like having a casual chat with a neighbor across the street instead of trying to communicate with stars in the far-off galaxy.

The Advantages of Fixed Wireless Internet:

Satellite Internet's signals travel vast distances, through the vastness of space and the unpredictable atmospheric conditions that can affect their reliability.

On the other hand, fixed wireless internet's advantage lies in its proximity. The tower that beams your internet signal is close by.

This closeness means fewer hurdles for the signal to overcome, resulting in lower latency and a more stable connection, even when weather conditions aren't at their best.

Confronting Lightning and Service Interruptions:

Speed Net Broadband's Modern & Latest Equipment

Our outdoor units don't rely on bulky dishes or antennas vulnerable to misalignment. Instead, they're compact receivers, no bigger than a bottle.

No drilling needed, no gust of wind can knock them off balance. Plus, they don't carry high voltage currents, preventing shorts from moisture. These units are sealed tight.

Check out our latest equipment installed at our customer's locations:

Speed Net Broadband equipment installed at a customer's place
Speed Net Broadband installation at a customers place

Swift Resolution & Complete Support

We won't claim to be immune to lightning because that's just giving our customers false hopes and hiding the reality; occasional interruptions can happen.

What we do promise is swift resolution. If you face a service hiccup, rest assured – we can fix it remotely in no time, unless equipment is at fault. And if needed, our technician will be at your doorstep within 24 hours.

Does Rain Impact Fixed Wireless Internet?

In most cases, fixed wireless internet provides a reliable connection despite rain and storms.

No Issues of Line of Sight

A fixed wireless tower typically remains well below storm clouds because it is as tall as a typical cell phone tower.

This means that those radio waves can maintain a line of sight with your receiver even in bad weather, unlike a satellite located high in the sky.

Resistance Against Impact of Rain Fade

Fixed wireless towers are covered by clouds, but they are still subject to rain. It's possible that something known as rain fade will affect the radio signals.

Depending on the radiowave frequencies, rain fade occurs when moisture in the air, such as rain, humidity, or fog, weakens the signal.

It is possible that precipitation could affect the 11 GHz licensed frequencies used to transmit the connection from tower to tower, even though the frequencies used to connect customers to towers are not subject to rain fade.

Our equipment is made to be extremely reliable and take rain and high humidity events into account in order to combat this. This means that neither a heavy afternoon downpour nor a morning mist should slow down or affect your internet connection.

Why fixed wireless internet could be the right fit for you

Embracing Reliability with Fixed Wireless Internet:

Fixed wireless internet stands tall when DSL and satellite falter. With speeds backed by minimal latency, it's a reliable companion whether you're streaming or working.

In a world where connectivity is key, fixed wireless internet is a game-changer. In areas lacking options, it's a beacon of hope. Faster than DSL, reliable than satellite, it's your steadfast digital companion.

Our equipment isn't just durable; it's smart. Outdoor units are compact and sealed, immune to weather's whims.

Plus, in most locations our indoor units provide adequate to high speeds to our customers. Outdoor unit is usually recommended in the rural or remote areas and there too, it withstands no matter how many obstructions, like trees, get in the way, sidestepping weather worries.

About Speed Net Broadband:

At Speed Net Broadband, we're not just providers; we're your digital allies. With a commitment to unwavering service and connections that brave the storm, we redefine your online journey.

At Speed Net Broadband, we prioritize resolving any issues that our customers may be experiencing in addition to providing the best internet service possible. We don't simply transfer your call to another party; instead, we remain on the line with you until your issue is resolved. We will do everything within our power to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience using our services.


Q: Can fixed wireless handle lightning and service interruptions?

A: Yes, indeed. We're quick to remedy interruptions and have technicians at the ready if necessary.

Q: How does fixed wireless confront weather extremes?

A: Our compact, sealed outdoor units stand strong against the elements, ensuring your connection remains intact.

Q: Is fixed wireless suitable for indoor use?

A: Absolutely, a significant number of our customers enjoy indoor units, making weather concerns a thing of the past.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Do leave your reviews in the comment box below and keep following the Speed Net blog for more such content every week!

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Best Regards,

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