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How to handle having internet at multiple homes?

how to handle internet at multiple homes

For those fortunate enough to own a primary residence and a secondary home, such as a vacation retreat or rental property, the convenience of having internet access at both locations is undeniable. Yet, this convenience can quickly translate into doubled internet costs, presenting a dilemma. How do you maintain essential services while managing expenses?

Table of Contents

  • Keeping Separate Internet Accounts

  • Using Portable Hotspots for Quick Trips

  • Talking to Your Internet Provider for Better Deals

  • Direct Cable Runs for Proximity

  • Utilizing Seasonal Hold Options

  • Boosting Your WiFi Signal

  • Setting Up Guest WiFi

Keeping Separate Internet Accounts

 Each home has unique needs based on its usage, and having separate internet accounts allows for customization and optimization. This method facilitates management, especially when using the same ISP for both locations, enabling access to promotional rates and simplified account oversight.

Purchasing your own modems and routers for each location eliminates rental fees, resulting in significant long-term savings and allowing for a more personalized internet setup tailored to each property's specific needs.

Using Portable Hotspots for Quick Trips

Hotspots are perfect for short stays because they're flexible and immediate. There's no need to worry about installation appointments or contracts. It's internet access that starts and stops with you, ideal for weekend homes or infrequent visits.

Evaluate your mobile data plan carefully. Some offer more hotspot data than others, and finding the right plan could mean having plenty of data for your needs without overspending.

Talking to Your Internet Provider for Better Deals

 ISPs value loyal customers, especially those with multiple accounts. Discussing your overall expenditure can lead to customized deals, making your overall spend more efficient.

Direct Cable Runs for Proximity

 This is about efficiency. Why pay for two internet services when one can cover both homes? When properties are in close proximity, running a direct cable between them could be a viable solution. This setup requires some initial investment but can drastically reduce monthly expenses by sharing a single internet service.

Some internet providers might have solutions for this kind of setup or can offer advice on how to do it properly without violating terms of service.

Utilizing Seasonal Hold Options

 Many ISPs offer seasonal hold plans, allowing you to temporarily suspend your service without fully canceling it. This is perfect for vacation homes that aren't used year-round, preventing unnecessary charges during off-season periods.

Boosting Your WiFi Signal

 Large properties or those with unusual layouts can suffer from weak signals in certain areas. Extenders and mesh systems solve this by spreading the signal more evenly, ensuring that every corner of your property has reliable internet.

 Mesh systems are particularly useful for maintaining the same network across a large area, which means devices can move around the house without losing connection. Extenders are more cost-effective and can be a good solution for pushing your WiFi signal to a hard-to-reach room.

Setting Up Guest WiFi

 A guest network separates your main activities from what guests access, protecting your privacy and security. It's also a courtesy to guests, providing them with internet access without complicating your own network setup.

Most modern routers make setting up a guest network straightforward. You can often do it through a web interface or an app, setting a distinct password for guests that's easy to change between visits.

Utilize Self-Installation Kits

Some ISPs offer DIY installation kits, perfect for easily setting up internet service in a new or seasonal home. This can save on installation fees and allow for a quicker setup process.

Seek ISPs with Flexible Contracts

To avoid being locked into long-term contracts for homes you might only reside in seasonally, search for ISPs offering transparent, flexible plans without hidden fees or hefty termination charges.

The Bottom Line

Achieving seamless internet connectivity for multiple homes is simpler than you might think. Understand your needs, opt for flexible solutions, and choose reliable providers. Focus on connectivity that aligns with your lifestyle and work.


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