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Speed Net

Known for Quality of Services

No contract, Month to Month, No credit check.

It's time to upgrade you with 5G

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What is 5G?

Simply put, 5G stands for the fifth generation. The fifth generation of what, you ask?


The fifth generation of wireless data networks. You're probably most familiar with hearing 5G used to describe better internet communications and speedier phones & computers.


You're not wrong. 5G networks, which use different radio frequencies than previous generations, aim to provide faster data speeds with much less lag or delay than we had with 4G.

Speed Net is now upgrading our customers to can simply order online and we will shortly upgrade you to 5G. 

You can place your order online and we will shortly contact you and schedule you for the upgrade.

you can also get in touch with us at (512)-535-1293and our team will assist you with 5G upgrade and provide you estimated time to upgrade your account

Upgrade now


Start-up for 5G services will be $275, which includes first-month service, modem lease, shipping/handling, activation, and taxes. It comes with the first month of unlimited data, Complimentary for our new customers.

Secondly, for the 5G device, you have the option to lease it at just $12.99/mo or you can buy the device.

Or you can just go with the buy option and get one month complimentary unlimited internet and no activation fee.

Thanks for submitting!Our representatvice will shortly get in touch with you.

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