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Starlink Satellite Internet vs. Speed Net Broadband: A Comprehensive Comparison

Starlink vs Speed Net

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Starlink Satellite Internet: A Brief Overview

  • Speed Net Broadband: A Brief Overview

  • Starlink Satellite vs Speed Net Fixed Wireless

  • (i) Coverage and Availability

  • (ii) Installation: Connecting Homes to the Internet

  • (iii) Speeds and Performance

  • (iv) Reliability

  • (v) Cost-Effectiveness

  • (vi) Service Tiers

  • Other Things to Consider Before Making a Decision

  • Conclusion

In today's fast-paced digital world, choosing the right internet service provider is crucial. It's not just about staying connected; it's about enjoying seamless, high-speed internet without breaking the bank.

Speed Net Broadband, our service, and Starlink Satellite Internet are two prominent contenders in this arena. Let's delve into their key differences to help you make an informed decision.

Starlink Satellite Internet: A Brief Overview

Starlink is a project spearheaded by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Known for his ventures like Tesla and SpaceX, Musk has ventured into the internet service domain as well. Starlink aims to provide internet connections through a growing network of private satellites orbiting overhead.

Recent News Related to Starlink:

  • Starlink has not escaped controversy. Firstly, members of the scientific community have expressed concerns regarding the increasing impact of Starlink's satellites in low-earth orbit on the visibility of the night sky.

  • Additionally, competitors in the satellite internet industry, such as Viasat, HughesNet, and Amazon's Project Kuiper, have taken notice of Starlink's rapid progress, leading to regulatory disputes and efforts to impede Elon Musk's project.

  • In August 2022, almost two years after Starlink received approximately $885.5 million in grant funding from the Federal Communications Commission, the FCC reversed its decision and withdrew the subsidies for Starlink, citing a failure to meet program requirements.

Satellite Constellation

The development of the Starlink network commenced in 2015, with prototype satellites launched into orbit in 2018. Since then, SpaceX has deployed thousands of Starlink satellites into the constellation across multiple launches. After years of development Starlink picked up the pace in 2021.

Speed Net Broadband: A Brief Overview

In remote and rural areas, residents often face a myriad of connectivity challenges. They are left with limited or no reliable internet options, forcing them to endure slow speeds, data caps, and the frustration of constantly purchasing data tokens. Some even have to travel long distances just to make a simple phone call. The existing solutions, such as satellite, DSL, and cable, come with their own set of hassles – from costly installations to weather-related disruptions.

Recognizing this pressing need for a faster and more accessible internet solution, Speed Net Broadband was born. Speed Net Broadband aims to provide an all-encompassing answer to the connectivity issues faced by those in remote areas. Our wireless internet solution that delivers you internet through a through a local tower in your area was designed to eliminate every pain point experienced by our customers.

Starlink Satellite vs Speed Net Fixed Wireless

Now, let's compare Starlink Satellite Internet with our service, Speed Net Broadband.

(i) Coverage and Availability


Starlink claims to offer services in over a million locations worldwide. However, it's essential to note that they still face a backlog of prospective customers waiting to receive equipment and start service. Starlink targets individuals in rural areas and parts of the world with limited access to high-speed broadband.

Speed Net Broadband:

On the other hand, while we are still expanding our services, currently our coverage extends to Texas, Lousiana, Indiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Arizona. Here you can get internet in rural areas regardless of how isolated you are or how far you are from the city. We only provide service in rural areas.

The only time we will provide service with in city limits is if that area doesn"t already have access to fiber internet. Speed Net Broadband offers consistent and reliable coverage, ensuring you won't be kept waiting for a connection.

(ii) Installation: Connecting Homes to the Internet


Their hardware includes a satellite dish and router, which are essential to receive the internet signal from space. You need someone to set up a small satellite dish at your home to receive the signal and pass the bandwidth on to your router. The company offers several mounting options for rooftops, yards and the exterior of your home.

Speed Net Broadband:

To get Speed Net Broadband you don't need any drills or dish which could damage the property which is specially difficult for people who live in rental property or have home owners association strict rules, Speed Net Broadband provides a pre-configured plug and play device so there is no hassle of installation. Even our outdoor device can be hung easily by self installation and if needed we can send over a technician.

(iii) Speeds and Performance


As per Ookla, a website that monitors internet speeds, their analysis of satellite internet performance in the first quarter of 2023 shows that Starlink provided an average download speed of approximately 67Mbps in the United States. This marks a significant decrease from the figures at the close of 2021, when Starlink boasted median download speeds slightly exceeding 100Mbps.

Speed Net Broadband:

When it comes to the internet speeds offered by Speed Net Broadband, you can get speeds between 25-220Mbps depending on how remote your area is and the proximity of a local tower. Still, our customers in the rural areas expect average speeds upto 100Mbps and more. Starlink falls well shy of the numbers for the entire fixed broadband category (193Mbps) according to Ookla's report.

(iv) Reliability


Satellite internet works by transmitting and receiving data via orbiting satellites, making it accessible even in remote locations. However, this method has its drawbacks:

  • Latency: The data's round trip to space and back can introduce latency, resulting in slower internet speeds.

  • Data Caps: Satellite internet often imposes data caps. Exceeding these limits can lead to speed throttling and extra charges.

  • Weather Dependency: Adverse weather conditions, like heavy rain or snow, can disrupt satellite signals, causing service interruptions.

Speed Net Broadband:

Fixed wireless internet, on the other hand, employs radio waves and an on-site antenna or receiver to provide high-speed access. It boasts several advantages:

  • No Data Caps: Fixed wireless internet does not impose data caps, ensuring uninterrupted service.

  • Low Latency: The absence of space-based signal travel results in lower latency, making it ideal for online gaming and video conferencing.

  • Weather-Resistant: Fixed wireless connections remain reliable even in adverse weather conditions.

(v) Cost-Effectiveness


Starlink's pricing can be a significant concern. While it initially billed at $99 per month (plus taxes and fees) with an additional $499 for the satellite dish and router, the prices were raised to $120 per month and $599 upfront. There is a $90 monthly plan for some "high-availability locations," but for most users, the monthly charge remains at $120. $120 per month is a lot for an internet connection, especially one that isn't nearly as fast as a fiber connection

Speed Net Broadband:

Speed Net Broadband, on the other hand, offers competitive pricing. We don't charge any upfront fee or fixed deposit charges. There are no charges when you even cancel the services with us, you can just return us the device. There are no contracts or commitments, you can pay month to month. Our high speed internet plans start at just $29.99 per month and our unlimited data plans are available at $109.99, making it a budget-friendly choice for anyone seeking high-speed internet.

(vi) Service Tiers


Starlink introduced a new priority tier in 2022, with varying download speeds and higher costs, including an initial payment of $2,500 for the equipment. This tier might not suit the majority of users.

Speed Net Broadband:

Speed Net Broadband keeps things simple and transparent, with no service tiers. We offer consistent and reliable speeds without the need for complex pricing structures.

Speed Net Broadband vs Starlink

Other Things to Consider Before Making a Decision:

When you opt for Speed Net Broadband, you unlock a world of benefits:

  • No Cables Required: The absence of cables can be advantageous in various situations.

  • Portability: Some fixed wireless connections are portable, catering to travelers and those in remote areas.

  • No Credit Checks: Speed Net Broadband simplifies the process by requiring no credit checks.

  • Unlimited Data Plans: Choose from unlimited data plans, freeing you from the shackles of data limitations.

  • Additional Services: Access valuable add-ons like Static IP and services like VoIP.

While satellite internet is a viable option, it comes with its share of challenges:

  • Data Limitations: The presence of data caps, typically ranging from 50-100GB, can be frustrating for users with high data requirements.

  • Speed Reductions: Exceeding data caps leads to significant speed reductions, affecting your internet experience.

  • Weather Disruptions: Unpredictable weather can disrupt satellite signals, causing interruptions in your service.

  • Additional Costs: Purchasing extra data tokens to compensate for data cap breaches can increase your monthly expenses.


In the comparison between Starlink Satellite Internet and Speed Net Broadband, it's clear that Speed Net Broadband is the more cost-effective, reliable, and straightforward choice for high-speed internet.

While Starlink has made progress, it still faces challenges and uncertainties in terms of availability and pricing. Speed Net Broadband ensures that you get a seamless, high-speed internet experience without breaking the bank.

Make the right choice for your internet needs - choose Speed Net Broadband today!

For more information and to switch to Speed Net Broadband, visit It's time to elevate your internet experience!


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