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Why are Starlink Customers Expressing Dissatisfaction with the Service?

Updated: Jun 27

starlink's service dissatisfaction

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Starlink satellite internet service has been getting a lot of attention since it was launched. With promises of high-speed, low-cost internet for remote and rural areas, it has gained a lot of attention and interest from consumers.

However, like any new technology, it also has its fair share of a problem, frustration or troublesome especially from a customer's point of view.

Let's take a look at some of the common problems of Starlink, as expressed by customers.

High Cost

The excitement surrounding Starlink's satellite internet service has been met with some hesitation due to its high cost.

While the subscription fee $120 per month, many customers find it to be a significant expense. This has caused some disappointment and concern among potential subscribers.

One of the main reasons for this high cost is the additional expense of the Starlink equipment. In order to access the internet service, customers must purchase a satellite dish and modem, which are priced at $599.

Optional costs for Starlink internet include professional installation, additional equipment, and taxes and shipping fees.

Professional installation can cost between $300 to $1000+, depending on your location, the complexity of the installation, and the installer's rates.

Some people opt for professional help to ensure a smooth and error-free installation process.

Additional equipment, such as extra cables may be necessary depending on your installation location and desired setup.

The cost of these accessories can range from $20 to $200+.

Taxes and shipping fees may also apply, depending on your location.

These fees can vary and may add to the overall cost of the Starlink Kit.

Let's say you decide to self-install the Starlink Kit and don't need any extra equipment. Your total cost for the first month would be:

$599 (Starlink Kit) + $120 (monthly fee) = $719

However, if you require professional installation and additional equipment, the total cost could easily reach $1000 or more.

Technical Issues and Delays

One of the main issues that customers have faced is delays in the shipment of equipment.

Many customers have pre-ordered Starlink's equipment but have not yet received it, causing delays in setting up the service.

This has left some customers feeling like they were not informed about the expected delivery timeline.

Another common problem that has been reported is slow speeds. While Starlink promises high-speed internet, some customers have experienced slower speeds than expected.

This could be due to various factors such as the location of the satellite, weather conditions, or technical glitches.

Regardless of the reason, customers have expressed their frustration with the slower speeds, especially after being promised a faster and more reliable connection.

Apart from slow speeds, customers have also faced outages with their Starlink service. This means that at times, the internet connection simply stops working, leaving customers without any internet access.

This can be particularly troublesome for those who rely on the internet for work or other important tasks.

The outages have been attributed to technical issues and glitches in the satellite system, which Starlink is working to resolve.

Lack of Customer Support

Many have expressed their frustration with the long wait times for customer service and the lack of response to their inquiries and issues.

Some customers have also mentioned the difficulty in reaching a customer service representative and the lack of options for troubleshooting technical issues on their own.

This can be a significant drawback for those who are not tech-savvy and rely on quick and efficient customer support.


In conclusion, while Starlink satellite internet service has been praised for its potential to bring high-speed internet to remote areas, it also faces challenges and frustrations for customers.

Limited availability and high costs make it difficult for users to access the promised benefits. Technical issues and slow speeds have left some customers dissatisfied, and there is a perceived lack of effective customer support.


Q1: What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet service that promises high-speed, low-cost internet for remote and rural areas.

Q2: What is one of the biggest frustrations for customers of Starlink?

The limited availability of Starlink in certain areas is a major frustration for potential customers.

Q3: Why is Starlink not available everywhere yet?

Starlink uses a network of satellites to provide internet access, which means there are still areas where the satellites have not yet reached.


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