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T-Mobile's New Plan: Unlimited or Just Unfair?

Updated: May 2

t mobile new plans away plan

In the ever-evolving world of mobile connectivity, T-Mobile has once again made headlines with its latest internet offerings. With the introduction of the "Away" plan, billed as an unlimited solution for travelers, the cost has notably tripled. This begs the question: Is the price hike justified, or is T-Mobile capitalizing on those who need mobile connectivity the most?

Table of Contents

  • What’s New with T-Mobile?

  • Is It Really Unlimited?

  • T-Mobile's New Home Internet Limits

  • What Do These Changes Mean for You?

  • T-Mobile vs. Speed Net

  • Concluding Thoughts

What’s New with T-Mobile?

T-Mobile has introduced two new plans: Home Internet Plus and Away. Here's what you need to know:

  • Home Internet Plus is designed for folks who stay mostly at home. It promises better WiFi coverage around the house thanks to a new device they’re calling a mesh network extender. It costs $70 a month, or $50 if you're already using T-Mobile for your mobile service.

  • Away is for the travelers among us — RVers, road trippers, and anyone who’s not often home. It offers internet wherever you are... but it comes at a steep price: $160 per month for truly unlimited data, or $110 if you can make do with 200GB.

Is It Really Unlimited?

When we hear "unlimited," we think we can use the internet as much as we want, right? Well, there's a catch with the Away plan. Once you use 1.2TB of data in a month, T-Mobile might slow down your speed, especially if you’re in a busy area. And if you love streaming in 4K, you might have to settle for less because video quality is capped at 1080p.

T-Mobile's New Home Internet Limits

Starting May 8th, T-Mobile is getting strict with how and where you can use your Home Internet service. Policy Enforcement will kick in, using GPS tracking in the gateway devices and data from cell towers to ensure that everyone is sticking to their registered addresses. Here’s what that means for you:

  • No More Flexibility: If you’ve been enjoying T-Mobile’s internet service on the go under the radar, those days are about to end. This change could disrupt service for those who’ve bent the rules a bit to enjoy connectivity on the road.

  • Making a Decision: If T-Mobile’s new enforcement makes your current setup untenable, it might be time to consider the Away plan or look into other providers who offer more flexibility with similar services.

What Do These Changes Mean for You?

If You Mostly Stay at Home:

The Home Internet Plus might be a good pick if your internet at home is slow or if you’ve got lots of gadgets that need to connect. It’s designed to make your home internet faster and more reliable. Yes, it costs a bit more than the basic plan, but if you're tired of spotty WiFi, this could really help.

If You're Often Traveling:

The Away plan travels with you, which sounds perfect if you’re always on the move. But it’s quite pricey. Remember when you could use the old Home Internet plan and still travel with it? Many did, even though it wasn’t officially allowed. Now, T-Mobile wants you to pay a lot more for that freedom. So, you'll have to decide if it's worth the extra cost each month.

T-Mobile vs. Speed Net

When it comes to selecting an internet provider, knowing the specifics can help you make an informed decision. Here’s how Speed Net stacks up against T-Mobile’s new internet plans:

Data Limits

  • T-Mobile: Offers plans with "unlimited" data, but throttles speeds after 1.2TB of usage. This could impact users who heavily rely on their internet for various activities.

  • Speed Net: Provides truly unlimited data with no thresholds or reductions in speed, regardless of how much data you use. This ensures consistent performance for all your online needs.

Video Streaming Quality

  • T-Mobile: Caps video streaming quality at 1080p on its mobile plans, which might not suffice for users with 4K-capable devices.

  • Speed Net: Allows streaming at the highest available resolution supported by your device, including 4K, without any additional charges or limitations.

Plan Flexibility and Mobility

  • T-Mobile: Differentiates between home and mobile plans, requiring customers to choose plans based on their primary usage locations and often at higher rates for mobile or travel flexibility.

  • Speed Net: Offers one versatile plan that is equally effective whether you are at home or on the move, eliminating the need to juggle multiple plans or pay extra for mobile capabilities.

Concluding Thoughts

As T-Mobile rolls out its new internet plans, many users will find themselves at a crossroads, pondering whether the benefits of the "Away" and "Home Internet Plus" plans justify their costs and limitations. While these plans offer tailored solutions for home users and travelers, the significant price increase and restrictions on data use and streaming quality present potential drawbacks. Before making a decision to switch, consider how these changes align with your internet needs and lifestyle. Are the added costs worth the convenience and coverage? Consider what each provider offers and choose the one that best fits your internet usage habits and lifestyle needs.


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