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Unlimited Internet: Myth or Reality?

Updated: Jun 21

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The Hunt for Perfect Internet Deal

Imagine you're on the hunt for a new internet service provider. You come across a deal that seems too good to be true: unlimited data, and lightning-fast speeds, all at a price that fits snugly within your budget. You sign up, thinking you've struck digital gold.

The Reality Behind "Unlimited" Internet

As the weeks pass, your initial excitement starts to dim. Your 'unlimited' internet feels increasingly limited, especially during the evenings when you're trying to unwind with your favorite streaming service. The video buffers endlessly, a spinning circle mocking your choice.

Encounter with Network Congestion

internet speed

One evening, as you settle in to catch the live finale of your favorite show, the stream lags so badly it's unwatchable. You wonder, "Why does my internet slow down at the worst possible times?" The culprit: network congestion.

Network congestion is like rush hour traffic on a busy highway. When too many people use the internet at once, it slows down, just like how too many cars can cause traffic jams. For instance, when everyone is online streaming, gaming, or browsing in the evening, the internet can get jammed up, making everything slower.

In simpler terms, the internet has a maximum amount of data it can handle at once. When too many people are online at the same time, especially in your local area using the same service provider, the system gets overloaded. It's not that the internet stops working; it's just overwhelmed with the amount of traffic.

The Reality of Bandwidth Overselling

unlimited bandwidth

Imagine being promised a seat on a spacious bus for a trip, symbolizing a comfortable journey with ample room for everyone. But when the time comes, you find only a tiny van waiting, not nearly enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. This is akin to how some internet service providers (ISPs) operate. They offer fast, unlimited internet — promising a ride on a large bus — but deliver a service that feels more like squeezing into a small van.

This issue stems from bandwidth overselling, where ISPs promise more "road space" on the internet highway than they actually have. Big companies often sell server space meant for 5,000 users to 10,000 customers. This means there's not enough space for everyone, leading to slow speeds and limited data for customers. So, when too many people in one area use the same internet provider, the speeds can slow down so much that it feels like the internet almost stops working.

ISP Tricks: When the Deal You Signed Isn't the Deal You Get

The Surprise of Hidden Fees

As if dealing with all of this wasn't enough, there's one more surprise waiting for you. you get a notification about a charge from your internet provider and it's not the friendly number you signed up for. Month after month, autopay quietly deducts these increased fees from your account, yet the high-speed internet you were promised is nowhere to be seen. Every time you see a higher charge on your bill, You're left wondering whom to complain to and what to do.

The Battle for Support

You want answers, so you call for help. But instead of a person, you get hold music and robots that don't get how frustrated you are leaving you waiting.. The human touch you crave is absent, leaving you stranded in a sea of automated responses without a lifeline.

The Search for a Solution with SpeedNet

Feeling let down by your current provider's deceptive tactics and unfulfilled promises, you start looking elsewhere for a better option and find SpeedNet- a solution to your internet woes!

No More Bandwidth Overselling

We focus on not overselling bandwidth. Being a local internet provider with a focus on specific areas allows us to manage our network capacity effectively. This ensures that our servers are never overloaded, maintaining fast, reliable, unlimited internet for all customers, without slowdowns during peak hours.

Control Over Your Payments

We believe in giving our customers full control over their payments. Autopay is completely optional with us – it's your choice to set it up or not. This means no more autopay shocks; you pay when and how you prefer.

Transparent Billing

As for our billing, we stand by clear and fixed pricing for each of our plans. There are no hidden fees and we don't overcharge our customers for using more data. Everything you need to know is communicated to you right from the beginning.

Responsive Support

At SpeedNet, we invest significantly in our tech support to guarantee that your issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. There are no long waits, just real people ready to help through chat, email, or call.

Experience the difference with SpeedNet- Where Honesty Meets High-Speed Internet


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